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enseÑÓ. fue la declaraciÓn de richard blanco en el tercer momento hispano, su poema escrito se titula one today". hablamos con Él y le preguntamos si cuando el comitÉ lo invitÓ le pusieron alguna restricciÓn? >>> ellos no me dieron directriz, ni tema, y uno se pone a pensar que es un poema especial, no solamente de mi familia, es como un regalo a los estados unidos. >>> segÚn la historia oficial fuiste concebido en espaÑa, nacido en cuba, y criado en estados unidos. ¿quÉ eres? >>> depende del dÍa de la semana. (risas) >>> a veces me siento bien cubano, otras americano, es una pregunta que no tiene una respuesta definitiva. si hubiera una respuesta tan fÁcil no me tomarÍa tres libros de poemas, es una pregunta que me hago todos los dÍas. a veces pienso que eso de los cubanos no me llega tanto. >>> y menos viviendo en main. >>> y escucho celia cruz y la las lÁgrimas comienzan. >>> serÁn el primer latino y el primer gay en hacerlo en esta toma de posesiÓn, esto te limita? >>> para el poema en si? >>> para tu trabajo. >>> he escrito lo que me habla el corazÓn, en caso que yo h
richard blanco, hablamos con Él de su origen hispano y le preguntamos si cuando lo invitaron para este acto le pusieron algÚn tipo de restricciÓn. >>> no me dieron ningÚn restricciÓn y uno se pone a pensar que este es un poema especial, un regalo para estados unidos. >>> ¿quÉ eres, naciste en estados unidos pero con padres puertorriqueÑos? >>> bueno, a veces me siento cubano, a veces norteamericano, es una pregunta que no tiene una respuesta definitiva. si hubiera un a respuesta fÁcil, no me tomarÍa tres libros de poem poema, a veces pongo un poco de celia cruz y me caen lÁgrimas. >>> serÁs el primer poeta latino y gay, ¿haces un esfuerzo para ser escritor? >>> no, yo nunca, he escrito siempre lo que habla el corazÓn, en el tercer libro hasta ahÍ nunca escribÍ de la cuestiÓn gay, siempre el corazÓn me hablaba de entender mii lugar, n estados unidos y en amÉrica. despuÉs comence hablar de la identidad sexual y cultural, no es lo mismo ser un hombre gay, afroamericano o latinoamericano que uno norteamericano. >>> ¿tu regresaste a cuba? >>> yo tenÍa 8
was caught making some sour faces during richard blanco's reading of the inaugural poem. doesn't look like he's a fan. >>> and from a frequent critic of president obama, conservative tact activist grover norquist feeted, "it is official. the best after-party tonight was chicago mayor rahm's." >>> for a look at the national forecast, we turn to dylan dreyer. >> good morning. it ended up being nice. >> dry and pretty warm. >> and temperatures were above average yesterday, but today the 20s will start working into the nation's capital. also 20s to take told across the northeast and even single dimgis through the northern plains. that cold air crossing over the great lakes which are still unfrozen is creating a lot of lake-effect snow. that's where we'll see most of the additional snow moving throughout the rest of this week. perhaps another 6 to 12 inches of snow possible. we also have some snow still continuing to fall across cape cod. not a lot. this storm system brought the bulk of the precipitation right to the southeast of nantucket. but we are still looking at some ocean enhancement to pro
, para nosotros como latinos fue la declamaciÓn de richard blanco el momento mÁs emotivo, habla mos con Él ante del momento histÓrico, veamos la entrevista. >>> gracias richard. >>> gracias. >>> estÁs haciendo historia al ser honrado como poeta inaugural, una ceremonia que todo el mundo estarÁ viendo, como te sientes por ser elegido? >>> sÍ, un honor increible, todavÍa me parece un sueÑo, pero la verdad es como que un pedacito, un pedazon del american dolariz dream. >>> cuÁl fue lo mas difÍcil de escribir el poema, era algo especÍfico, cuÁl fue el reto mas grande a la hora de escribir el p poema? >>> sÍ, eso mismo, una voz muy intima, los temas son mucho de familia. entonces como hablar de eso, com como mantener la misma voz, como dicen, la esencia. >>> sÍ, esencia. >>> e incluir al paÍs, parte de los hispanos, quisiera hablarle a los hispanos nada mÁs, es un pueblo para estados unidos entero, ese fue el obstÁculo mas grande, lo que aprendÍ eso mismo que la voz mÍa. la voz poÉtica se puede decir, aunque estÉ escribiendo sobre ceci, mi mamÁ y estados unidos, eso apre
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for us to map it. waiting for us to name it together. [ applause ] >> richard blanco you can go to the "newshour" website for the interview that aired last week. very fascinating fella. >> much of his poetry is narrative of his own experience. there he was trying to tell a narrative of all of us. >> now my privilege to introduce reverend dr. luis leon to deliver the benediction. >> one little moment of drama leading up to this, he replaced original choice for this a meg church pastor became known for his anti-gay statement. luis leon is pastor here in washington. >> let us pray. gracious and eternal god as we conclude the second inauguration of president obama we ask for your blessings as we seek to become in the words of martin luther king, citizens of a beloved community, loving you and loving our neighbors as ourselves. we pray that you will bless us with your continued presence because without it, arrogance will infect our hearts, but with your blessing we know that we can break down the walls that separate us. we pray for your blessing today because without it mistrust,
will be richard blanco. the first hispanic and openly gay person to deliver the poem. center around the idea of the american experience. >> and the reverend lewis leon will deliver the benediction. this is the pastor's second appearance at a presidential inauguration. he's delivered the invocation at george bush's ceremony back in 2005. >> all right. spectators at the event should prepare for tight security. more than 2,000 officers will be in dc today making sure everything goes smoothly. some are going to work with metro transit police. but most will be with dc police. protestors are expected at various spots along the parade route. a small group of anti-abortion demonstrators picketed at the white house yesterday. >>> still ahead at 7:00, we are sharing your pictures and your thoughts from today's swearing in ceremony. >> at this time of aeroowe at this time in our history we always see hollywood's a listers to come to town. and when we come back, a little of the a listers that are here for the main event. and how some of them spent the weekend giving back. we're going to have that and mu
by justice sotomayor. at noon, the inaugural address and the inaugural poem by richard blanco. at 12:30, the benediction. as we speak, president obama is about to step outside onto the west front of the capital. we are joined by clarence lusane, author of "the black history of the white house." professor at american university here in washington, d.c., professor of international relations. this book goes beyond the white house. it also talks about the capital, talks about those who built these institutions, physically. many of them enslaved. >> this is an important history. in fact, the capitol has now demolished the slave labor that went into building that building. there are two plaques, one in the main hallway, one on the house side. there is nothing in the white house that a knowledge as that. if you go on a tour, now self- guided, you can go through the blue room, the other important rooms in the white house, but there is nothing that tells you where the slave quarters were, where people lived in the basement, for example, during the period of slavery. so there is the need for t
is richard blanco. he's a poet who was trained as a civil engineer because his parents insisted that writing would never take him anywhere, but he will be delivering his poetry today at the president's inauguration. and then the benediction will be delivered by luis leon, who is the rector of st. john's church, the little church right across the street from the white house. >> announcer: ladies and gentlemen, the chairman for the inaugurational ceremonies, the honorable charles e. schumer. >> mr. president, mr. vice president, members of congress, all who are present and to all who are watching, welcome to the capitol and to this celebration of our great democracy. now, this is the 57th inauguration of an american president, and no matter how many times one witnesses this event, its simplicity, its innate majesty, and most of all, its meaning, that sacred and yet cautious entrusting of power from we, the people, to our chosen leader never fails to make one's heart beat faster, as it will today with the inauguration of president barack h. obama! now, we know that we would not be here today we
wow moment there, diane, kelly clarkson. >> our next distinguished guest is the poet, richard blanco, who will share with us words he has composed for this occasion. >> mr. president, mr. vice president, america, one today, one sun rose on us today, kindles over our shores, peeking over the smoky, greeting the faces of the great lakes, spreading a simple truth across the great plains and charging across the rockies. one light waking up rooftops, under each one a story told by our silent gestures moving across windows, my faith, your face, millions of faces in morning's mirrors, each one yawning to life crescendoing into our day, the pencilled yellow school buses, the rhythm of traffic lights, fruit stand, apples, limes and oranges arranged like rainbows begging our praise, silver trucks heavy with oil or paper, bricks or milk, teeming over highways alongside us in our way to clean tables, read ledgers or save lives, to teach geometry or ring up groceries as my mother did for 20 years so i could write this poem for all of us today. all of us, as vital as the one light we move through,
distinguished guest is the poet richard blanco who will share with us words he has composed for this occasion. [ applause ] >> mr. president, mr. vice president, america won today. one sun rose on us today, creeping over our shores, greeting the faces of the great lakes, spreading a simple truth across the great plains and charging across the rockies. one light waking up rooftops, under each one a story told by our silent gestures moving across windows. my faith, your faith, millions of faces in morning's mirrors, each one yawning to life, crescendoing to our day. the school buses, rhythms of traffic lights, fruit stands, oranges, begging our praise. silver trucks heavy with oil or paper, bricks or milk teaming over highways alongside us on our way to clean tables, read ledgers or save lives. to teach geometry or ring up groceries as my mother did for 20 years so i could write this poem for all of us today. all of us, as vital as the one light we move through, the same light on blackboards with lessons for the day, equations to solve, history to question or atoms imagined. the i have a dream
tis of thee" and there will be a poem read. we are excited that richard bla nmp co will be -- blanco will be joining us. reverend louis leon will be overseeing the traditional st. john's service that kicks off the president's day on mopped and will be offering the prayer and beyonce will be singing the national anthem. these historic bibles, and they are symbolic bibles as we head into the 150th anniversary of the emancipation proclamation and with that, i would like to hand it over to our partners and talk about the inaugural parade, which will take place after the lunch that matt discussed. >> thank you. i'm colonel michelle roberts. and our task force has the responsibility for planning and coordinating all of the military ceremonial support for the inaugural activities. once the luncheon is complete, the president and the first lady, the vice president and the second lady will be escorted out to the east front of the capitol, where they will be greeted by the commander of the task force and he will escort them down the steps to take the review. and the review is presidential esco
beyonce. a phenomenal, i thought very moving poem by richard blanco and then the colorful inaugural parade and the inaugural balls last night. i gotta tell you the ceremony kept going on and on and it continues today with a prayer service at the national cathedral. we'll tell you all about it. this glorious day for all americans to celebrate the second inaugural of president obama. and a day of renewal for our american democracy. that's what we'll get into today with all of our guests and with you. first, here she is with today's current news update, we get all of the latest, kelly clarkson -- right. how about lisa ferguson out in los angeles. good morning lisa. >> good morning. i'll take kelly clarkson. one more celebration to mark the president's inauguration today. at 9:00 tonight, president obama, the first lady and the bidens will attend the staff inaugural ball at the walter e. washington convention center in d.c. it is the last in a long series of galas and celebrations. last night d.c. held two inaugural balls in the convention center. first up was the commanders in chief ball. and
Search Results 0 to 13 of about 14 (some duplicates have been removed)